Guest Post: Sarah Scott’s Top 10 MC’s

1. Bahamadia- kollage

with k-swift and mecca star ohhh shiiiiiiiiiiit!

2. Ice Cube- with yo yo

3: Roxanne Shante


5. Jean Grae

with some etta james samplin!!!

see more after the jump

6. Queen Latifah-

7. Slick Rick

8. Chuck D

no one needs anymore videos of chuck d. but here:

9: Ice-T

10. Q-Tip

-Sarah Scott

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5 Responses to Guest Post: Sarah Scott’s Top 10 MC’s

  1. djmistersquid says:

    That Roxanne Shante vs Busy Bee is the bomb. She crushes him!

  2. no one’s going to check me on this list? come on now. i can’t take it.

    mike, i KNOW! so good!

  3. Kevin says:

    Latifah’s “U.N.I.T.Y.” brings back a memory… that no one will give a shiit about except me. One day when I was in Buy Rite Records on 7 Mile in Detroit (this was back in ’93), DJ Dez was behind the back counter practicing and messin’ around with some records. I totally sucked as a DJ back then, so of course I was listening and paying attention to what he was doing (as I was flipping through the record bins).

    While Dez was playing around, he eventually throws on the instrumental for “U.N.I.T.Y.” And this was when the song just came out, so I had never heard it before. The horns and bassline was so hauntingly sublime, and it reminded me of Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “T.R.O.Y.” I just stopped what I was doing and was like, “What the hell is this!?!? This beat is soooooo dope!!!!”

    Anyway, so the instrumental is pumpin’ in the record store for a couple of minutes, and then all of a sudden, Dez cuts in the acapella of “Top Billin” by Audio Two.

    Pure. Genius. That blend knocked me off of my feet!! And it has stayed stuck in my mind ever since! It was so perfect. “Top Billin” was already a classic and everyone could recite the words to it… But when Dez played it over the “U.N.I.T.Y.” instrumental (with cut’n’scratchin’ certain word phrases), it just made the Audio Two song that much better!

    Back in the early/mid-90s, mixing acapellas over new beats was sort of the “thing” to do. And the more creative you could be with the blends, the better!

    For those that don’t know, Dez/Andres is the man in Detroit. He’s been there through it all. Dude gets maaad props over here!

  4. justinsweeks says:

    Look, I can’t really say too much because this is what you like. But, having said that, Slick Rick is sort of a lame choice. I don’t think he is really impressive on the mic, and aside from one or two classic joints, his catalog is seriously lacking. Not a fan at all.

    I would also argue that Ice-T isnt that great of an MC skill-wise either. He made lots of dope cuts, but his style is so boring and basically just like talking. But he also has an extensive catalog of garbage.

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