Let’s Get Together Vol. 5

Once again, I throw in everything but the kitchen sink!  “Let’s Get Together Vol. 5” includes 80s new wave, instrumental hip hop, psych, French pop, house, disco, mashups, samba, Motown, reggae, northern soul, dubstep, and a bunch of interludes thrown in between.  Tracklist and more after the jump!

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If you’re not familiar with this compilation series, you can listen to previous editions by searching for “Let’s Get Together” in the “Looking for something?” field to the right.

0:00:37  Film Concorde Theme (1978, from the original Inglorious Bastards movie)
0:00:51  Flying Lotus – Massage Situation (2007, Los Angeles)
0:01:43  Andy Partridge – The History Of Rock ‘N’ Roll (1980)
0:01:59  Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Electricity (1979, Wirral UK)
0:05:19  Chatty Little Fellow (1981, from the movie Time Bandits)
0:05:36  DJ Alibi – Guns Of Kabul (2007, Toronto)
0:08:07  Dennis Olivieri – I Cry In The Morning (1970, Los Angeles)
0:11:31  The Carpenters – All I Can Do (1970)
0:13:09  Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsbourg – Bonnie And Clyde (1968, Paris)
0:17:20  As One feat. Jinadu – Hope (2004, London)
0:21:16  Exodus – Together Forever [Dub] (1982, New York)
0:26:03  Visage – Tar (1979, London)
0:29:27  Raymond Scott feat. Jim Henson – Bufferin “Memories” (1967, New York)
0:30:01  Broadcast – America’s Boy (2005, Birmingham UK)
0:33:28  Dazz Band – Let It Whip [B.Cause Prowlin’ Half Time Version] (1982/2008)
0:36:06  The Village Callers – Break Theme (1968, Los Angeles)
0:36:22  Jorge Ben – Taj Mahal (1976, Rio de Janeiro)
0:39:23  The Savonics – Soul Groove (1968, Oakland CA)
0:39:34  Stevie Wonder – Sugar (1970)
0:42:19  The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry [Chestnut Studio Demo] (1978, Sussex UK)
0:44:56  Max Romeo & The Upsetters – Chase The Devil (1976, Jamaica)
0:48:15  Stereolab – Come And Play In The Milky Night (1999, London)
0:52:48  The Tempests – Someday (1968, Charlotte NC)
0:55:13  Bama The Village Poet – Social Narcotics (1972)
0:55:19  James Blake – Air & Lack Thereof (2009, London)
0:58:46  Bama The Village Poet – Blackman My Brother/I Got Soul (1972)
0:58:58  S.O.U.L. – Peace Of Mind (1972, Cleveland OH)
1:02:38  Ricky V. Valentine – Ghetto Classics (2003)
1:03:55  DJ Day – Outro [Wrap It Up B] (2007, Palm Springs CA)
1:06:44  Bedtime For You, Kevin (1981, from the movie Time Bandits)
1:07:17  Steve Reich – Electric Counterpoint [Fast Versions 1 & 2] (1989, New York)

The OG Inglorious Bastards was meh, but the slo-mo carnage at the end train scene was kind of cool (in an early-90s John Woo sort of way).

I don’t like the video version of OMD’s “Electricity” song, but here it is anyway:

I loved the movie Time Bandits as a kid, and thanks to director Terry Gilliam, the trailer is as equally awesome (in a Monty Python sort of way)!

You might recognize Dennis Olivieri‘s “I Cry In The Morning” from this next video.  And I never knew this, but it makes total since that Wong Kar Wai directed it:

OK, so you may be wondering why I have a Carpenters song on this mix…?  If you’re like me, then you’ve always associated the Carpenters with crappy sappy songs and Christmas songs, but I never knew that they could get down like this:

The powers-that-be disabled all of the embedding for Serge Gainsbourg‘s “Bonnie And Clyde” video, but you can watch it here.  And here’s the making-of video (for what it’s worth):

The bastards also disabled the embedding for Visage’s “Tar” video, but you can watch it here.  With the exception of the cheesy horns on this song, I feel like “Tar” could’ve been made within the last year or two.  I can easily see someone doing a cover of it today, or using it for an electro-house song.

And I think what DJ B.Cause did with “Let It Whip” is mind-blowingly genius.  He half-timed an early-80s funk classic and turned it into a Portishead song!  I have to fess up… it took me a couple of listens before I actually realized he was using the acapella from Dazz Band’s “Let It Whip”.  The vocals were totally unrecognizable to me under this slower beat, and I couldn’t come to grips with how different it sounded from the original!  If you’re not familiar with the OG version of Dazz Band’s “Let It Whip”, check out this out:

Thanks to a comment that Anthony left awhile back, I’ve fallen in love with Jorge Ben’s “Taj Mahal” song.  As Anthony pointed out, Rod Stewart straight up jacked this song for his late-70s hit “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?“.  Rod says that he heard the song at a carnival in Brazil and made “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” a year later.  Rod has since agreed to donate all royalties from “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” to UNICEF.  But who cares… this just looks like a lot of fun to me:

I absolutely love all of the early stuff from The Orb.  “The Orb’s Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld“, “U.F.Orb“, and “Live ’93” are classics in my book.  Back in the early-90s, I didn’t know that The Orb sampled huge chunks of Steve Reich’s “Electric Counterpoint” for their classic song “Little Fluffy Clouds”.  Plus, I didn’t start getting hip to Steve Reich until about 10-15 years ago…  Anyway, here’s the video for The Orb’s “Little Fluffy Clouds”:

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2 Responses to Let’s Get Together Vol. 5

  1. justinsweeks says:

    Love those Time Bandits Samples!

  2. Kevin. it’s my first listen all the way through and this mix fucking rules. You are the fucking MAN!

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