(Dance Dance) Revolution

The Crosley Revolution CR6002A playing a 7" record

Seeing as how we’re in the holiday home stretch, I thought that I’d share something that I just came across.  It’s the Crosley Revolution CR6002A portable turntable and it sells for $150!?!  You can buy it here!

I mostly know about Crosley from seeing their products in the isles at Bed Bath & Beyond, but all that I’ve ever seen from them have been replicas of old-timey/retro-looking turntables and radios.  To be honest, I’ve never thought that much of them as a company, but they have my attention now!

In keeping with the Crosley tradition of bringing nostalgic products to the market, the design of the Revolution CR6002A is nothing new.  It is actually an updated version of a particular type of portable turntable that companies like Sony & Audio Technica made back in 1983-1984.  The blog Superbizzee Chronicles has an excellent post about these portable turntables that you will definitely want to check out!!  (Peep the one with the cassette deck in it–sick!)

About 10-12 years ago, I bought a couple of used older ones off of eBay.  I bought a Dual “PRP 5” for about $800, and between myself and my old homie SP, we wore it out in no time.  But I also bought an Audio-Technica “Sound Burger/Mister Disc AT770” back then for around $500, which I still have to this day:

Audio-Technica "Sound Burger/Mister Disc" portable turntable

OK, so what’s the big deal then about the Crosley Revolution CR6002A?  Well, first of all, it only costs $150!  You no longer have to spend crazy eBay $$$ money to get something similar.  And secondly, it’s slim, light weight, and the perfect size to take with you to the record/thrift stores.  It’s not big and bulky like some of the other portable turntables that have come out over the last 6-8 years.  Personally, I’ve always hated the Vestax “Handy Trax” and the Numark PT-01… I don’t want to have to lug around a huge briefcase just to go record shopping.  I need something that will fit nicely in my man purse.

The Crosley Revolution CR6002A playing a 12" record

Other features of the Crosley Revolution CR6002A include:
Takes 6 (AA) batteries (also comes with a DC 12V power supply and jack)
Plays 33-1/3RPM and 45RPM (with 45 adapter)
Plays 7″, 10″, and 12″ records
Integrated speaker (however, the fidelity and sound quality will not be the
greatest–given the size of the speaker, etc.)

Wireless FM transmitter for cord-free play through any home/car radio (however, you
only have the two radio frequencies to choose from: 88.1FM or 89.9FM)

Headphone jack
1/8″ stereo line output
USB hookup for your computer (and software for recording and editing)

I only have two gripes about the Crosley Revolution CR6002A (and portable turntables in general).  One, is that they are belt-driven.  If you have a slightly warped record, then playback speed may slow down or drag as the needle goes over a particular bad spot.  Belt-drive turntable mechanisms are just not as powerful as direct-drive turntable mechanisms.

My other criticism is that the sound quality that is produced by the cartridges and needles of portable turntables is not the greatest.  Companies like to talk up USB connectivity and how you can rip vinyl directly to your computer, but if you have a crappy cartridge/needle and you care about sound quality, then USB is useless.  And if your record is slightly warped and you are using a belt-drive turntable, then your song will drag, slow down, speed up, and sound all wobbly (which makes the whole USB/vinyl ripping thing a useless point).

With that being said, the Crosley Revolution CR6002A is still awesome!  If you go to stores to buy old/used records, then for $150, this portable turntable if perfect for you!!!  I’ve had my Audio-Technica “Mister Disc AT770” for years now, and even though I still continue to use it and it is in great condition, I will be buying myself a Crosley Revolution anyway…

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2 Responses to (Dance Dance) Revolution

  1. kevin, we’ve never met, but we should. i am so down with this post! my technic’s been busted for months and i’ve been bugging the fellas about what to do next (usb or imic, that ish). might just have the old one fixed, get an imic to hook it up on the mac, then pick up this little baby for slow-dancing on the porch. hell yes!!

  2. justinsweeks says:

    I dig this because it mimics the soundburger. I always wanted a soundburger but never wanted to pay that price. I have the Handy Trax, but I have also hated the fucking size of that thing. I alway felt mad stupid carrying that thing into stores.

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