Women on the Verge of a Synth Breakdown

So the theme is a bit thin but the music is good.  This mix is pretty much a whole bunch of synth oriented music made by women that I’ve been into recently.  It varies from house/dubstep to electro-punkish stuff and some synth-beat hip hop and B-More.  I’ve been meaning to make a mix for a while (I have a couple in the works) so it feels good to get this out there!

Download here.

Tracklist after the jump.

  1. Sleigh Bells- Run the Heart (Bassnectar Remix)
  2. Little Boots- Stuck on Repeat (Fake Blood Remix)
  3. Kylie Minogue- Come Into My World (Fischerspooner Remix)
  4. La Roux- Quicksand (Mad Decent Remix No 1)
  5. Crystal Castles- Empathy
  6. Mu- Why I left
  7. Kap Bambino- Mess in the Ruins
  8. Chicks on Speed- For All the Boys in the World
  9. Le Tigre- So Excited
  10. Kid Sister- Pro Nails (Bag Raiders Remix)
  11. Nicki Minaj- Did it On ‘Em
  12. Dominique Young Unique- What About Me
  13. Get Em Mamis- Diva Song
  14. Rye Rye and DJ Blaqstarr- Shake it to the Ground
  15. Fannypack- Hey Mami
  16. Estelle and Swizz Beats- DJ Play the Beat
  17. Robyn and Diplo- Dancehall Queen
  18. Yelle- Ce Jeu
  19. Janelle Monae- Wondaland
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7 Responses to Women on the Verge of a Synth Breakdown

  1. we’ve got a 5, 4, and 35 yr old dancing all around the joint tonight! THIS is the jam of the year, city. thank you, and my abs thank you.

  2. baby i think you missed fannypack on there, around track 15. this is serious shit, i am so into it.

  3. Oops! You are so right Sarah. Just fixed the tracklist. I’m glad you like the mix!

  4. nicolelarae says:

    Yes! Pure dopeness, Thank you!

  5. Pierre says:

    No Sexy Sushi??? Or is that too much of the french persuasion? Very nice though.

  6. I haven’t listened to Sexy Sushi yet, I’ll check em out. I’ve got nothing against the French.

  7. Thanks Nicole! People seem to be really into this one. I may have to start working on a volume 2!

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