Orange Juice & Vitamins

This has been on repeat for the last week!  If you’re familiar with a lot of classic funk and modern soul, then you’ll really appreciate Vitamin D’s latest mix:

Vitamin D – Funk On Sight (2010)

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Another mix of Vitamin D’s that you really need to check out is “Table Manners 2”.  He did this back 1999, and it remains one of my favorite DJ/turntablist mixes to this day:

Vitamin D – Table Manners 2 (1999)

I didn’t get hip to the underground Seattle hip hop scene until 1998, with groups like Source Of Labor, Beyond Reality, Ghetto Children, Phat Mobb, Blak, Union Of Opposites, Sinsemilla, The Crew Clockwise, etc.  Little did I know, most of the tracks coming out of Seattle that I was feelin’ back then were all produced by one man: Vitamin D.

Here are some of my favorite Vitamin D tracks from that era:

Ghetto Children – Hip Hop Was? (1998) (produced by Vitamin D)

Union Of Opposites feat. ShoNuph – Continuations (1996) (produced by Vitamin D)

Ghetto Children – Court’s In Session (1996) (produced by Vitamin D)

Phat Mobb – Wrong Number (1998) (produced by Vitamin D)

Ghetto Children – Who’s Listening (1998) (produced by Vitamin D)

Ghetto Children – Equilibrium (1998) (produced by Vitamin D)

And here is a more recent interview where Vitamin D talks about his past, as well as his current projects working with children.  Reminds me of the work that Flint’s own Bangtown has been doing…

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