West Coast Overdose

Awhile ago, I did a post on Mikah 9, and after listening to the recent Hello Friends podcast episode with that sick Busta Rhymes verse, I felt compelled to do a followup on the 1990s West Coast underground hip hop scene.

Back before Eligh, Scarub, and Murs hooked up with the Living Legends, they called themselves 3MG (3 Melancholy Gypsys).  I didn’t get hip to their Comurshul cassette EP until the late 90s, but it still had an impact on me.  And there used to be a video on Youtube for Sunsprayed that was super dope (videotaped back in 1994 when the dudes all looked hella young!), but was unfortunately taken down.

3MG were members of a much larger crew called Log Cabin.  There’s some argument as to who exactly recorded the Submental song (Log Cabin or Miscellaneous Minds), but Scarub and Eligh appeared on it nonetheless.

This video for Out There was made back in 1994, and is very similar to the old 3MG Sunsprayed video in the way that the footage looked and was shot.  It also gives you a sort of “feel” for what it was like back then.

Spoon of Iodine was one of the Good Life Cafe/Project Blowidians.

This accapella version of Dollar Bill is sort of what you could expect to hear at places like the Good Life Cafe back in the day.

Nga Fish was another staple of the Good Life Cafe/Project Blowed crew.  He is a member of the group C.V.E. (Chillin’ Villain Empire).

My homie Brainstorm spent some time out in the West Coast in the mid 90s.  When he came back to Michigan, he brought back the Project Blowed cassette.  I remember hearing this song (i.e., Jurassick) on it and being completely blown away!  The song featured Aceyalone, Spoon of Iodine, and C.V.E. (Chillin’ Villain Empire).

There’s tons more out there, but wanted to give you just a little taste.

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One Response to West Coast Overdose

  1. justinsweeks says:

    Great post. I loved that Anacron video.

    I loved the whole living legends thing back in the day. I still got the Penguins tape.


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