Beezy’s Women’s History Month Mix

So Women’s History Month is coming to a close and for many people it has been a time of remembering the strong women in their lives and the victories women have won in pursuit of freedom and equality.

Well, this mix has nothing to do with those things.  Ever the contrarian, Beezy has compiled tracks from his personal collection that highlight the vilest, cruelest, most ignorant rap tracks about women.   One might think this mix is in poor taste (at best) or offensive (at worst) and one might be right.  The lyrics here will probably scandalize most of you.  This mix is certainly NSFW and possibly NSFL if you have delicate sensibilities.

Beezy knew if he wrote this post himself his, uh let me say, polarizing? personality would probably push most people into the worst-case camp so he wisely commissioned me (Local DJ) to try and contextualize this mix.  I will try, damn it I will try!

Misogyny is one of many persistent themes in rap historically.  In the 80’s and 90’s rap’s misogyny was a concern of parents and politicians which only made more teenage kids want to listen to it.  I’m sure the people who didn’t buy Eminem’s records because of the lyrics about killing his girlfriend (later wife, then ex-wife) were vastly outnumbered by those who were intrigued by the hype.  And his talent.  And that is where things get murky.

I have talked to people who like rap and seem to take social issues seriously who will defend certain rappers even though they have misogynistic lyrics in some of their songs.  For instance the Notorious B.I.G. Biggie Smalls. Just plain Biggie to you.  Immensely talented yet wrote some pretty dark lyrics about women.  Do you love when “Juicy” comes on at a party?  Do you feel like you are a feminist or at least concerned with women’s rights? Well then listen to “Cunt Renaissance” in Beezy’s mix and try to balance those things.  Most rap fans who also care about women, their well-being and rights have a hard time reconciling those feelings especially when it comes to their favorite rappers of their youth.

So where does that leave us?  It leaves us with a nearly hour-long mix of misogynistic rap tracks to listen to or ignore.  I can’t advocate one or the other but here it is for you if you would like to listen to it.  Do it for research, do it for curiosity, for shock.  Or don’t.  The choice is yours.

Download the mix here or Listen to it on Soundcloud

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