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Where Do We Go From Here (The Story of Death)

If you have yet to hear about Death, you have been missing out.  This NY Times article will get you up to speed, don’t worry, I’ll wait ’til you get back. Advertisements

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Sweet, sweet music

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Women on the Verge of a Synth Breakdown

So the theme is a bit thin but the music is good.  This mix is pretty much a whole bunch of synth oriented music made by women that I’ve been into recently.  It varies from house/dubstep to electro-punkish stuff and … Continue reading

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I’m the last one to realize Big Daddy Kane is the man.

So I am the first to admit I know relatively little about hip hop.  Well after looking at the top 10 MC lists from Beezy, DJ Mr. Squid, Kevin and Sarah I realized that I had some research to do. … Continue reading

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Local DJ’s Top 10 MCs

First of all, I have to make it clear that I am the least qualified member of the Hello Friends crew (or extended crew, thanks Sarah!) to make a top 10 MC list. That being said I can make a … Continue reading

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Blizzard Man

If you have listened to the new episode I dropped a quick mention of the legendary Blizzard Man sketches on SNL.  Here they are in case you don’t know.  Now you know. Blizzard Man and Ludacris Blizzard Man, T-Pain and … Continue reading

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More ball-swinging rap rave from Die Antwoord (now featuring Diplo!) NSFW because of strange nippleless boobs and lots of wieners

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